Funeral Planning
Similar to other planned events in our lives such as retirement, it makes sense to plan a funeral. Often when the death of a loved one occurs, it can be a difficult time for those suffering with grief to make decisions.

Pre-Arranging a funeral will ease your mind from any uncertainty felt in making these sensitive decisions. A pre-arranged funeral plan will provide you with peace of mind, knowing that the crucial options have already been discussed and the decisions made.

At Gold Coast & Hinterland Funeral Services we offer a free in-home visit, where you can discuss the options available, obtain firm prices and record all particulars and selections to pre-arrange the entire funeral. If at any stage your details or wishes change, we will update your records when notified, then post you the amended copy. There is no obligation or cost for this service, simply telephone our office to arrange an appointment.

For those that choose to secure the financial arrangements, we recommend ‘Funeral Plan Management’. When planning ahead there are a number of options to consider, including whether to organise and pay for the entire service in advance, or simply set aside money to contribute towards your funeral expenses.

For further information to assist you in understanding the funeral planning options that we offer, follow this link to funeralplan management. Alternatively, you can contact our funeral care professionals to discuss your personal requirements and available pre-planning options.