Funeral Choices
At Gold Coast & Hinterland Funeral Services, we recognise that a funeral is an important way for families and communities to celebrate the life, culture and interests of those we honour. A personalised, meaningful funeral helps families and friends begin to heal after the death of someone they love. Funeral ceremonies help us begin to move from life before a death, to life after a death.

The funeral also provides a time and place to affirm the worth of our relationship with the person who died and express our feelings of loss. A funeral demonstrates the continuity of life and activates the family’s support system. Another way to think of the funeral is as a celebration of a life, a final farewell and tribute to give thanks, for sharing in the life of the person that has died.

Funeral choices are often based on family and ethnic traditions and your faith or culture may have its own variations on the elements of ceremony. Funeral costs should be considered, of course. You shouldn’t spend more than you can afford and every charge should be explained to you in advance, but it is the ritual of the funeral ceremony and the many ways in which the funeral can be personalised to honour each unique life that make the funeral such a powerful and healing rite of passage.

Since each funeral is unique, the costs will vary based on your family’s selections and whether burial, cremation or entombment is intended. These costs include our professional service fee, the coffin or casket, permits, cemetery and crematorium fees, plus miscellaneous costs such as flowers, obituary notices, death certificates, honorariums and many other services.  Please see our listing of additional services that we can assist with arranging.

A funeral ceremony may be held in many permissible venues and may be officiated by a family member or a friend, a civil celebrant or clergy.

At Gold Coast & Hinterland Funeral Services we believe the best type of funeral, is the funeral delivered exactly the way you requested.

For those families that prefer not to hold a funeral service with a ceremony, we offer our basic cremation service from $1,550.

Call our funeral care professionals to discuss your personal funeral choices and to obtain firm pricing. We’re available to assist you, 24 hours of every day.

At a time of uncertainty, let our experience make yours easier. For advice and compassionate care, please call Gold Coast and Hinterland Funeral Services, we're here to help 24 hours of every day.